Legal Service

Corporate and Business Law
  • Corporate law consulting

    Provide professional legal advice based on the needs of each company, such as general legal compliance, labor or human resources policies, shareholder meetings and board operations, corporate contract review and contract drafting, personal data protection and management, e-commerce laws, etc.

  • Commercial Cases

    Disputes over company management rights, equity disputes, investment disputes, contract breach disputes, white-collar crimes (such as insider trading, market manipulation, hollowing out company assets, false financial reports, etc.).

  • Investment and Registration Services

    Advisory on investment, industrial and commercial regulation, Investment application by overseas Chinese or foreigne, Investment application by Mainland Investors, Company establishment and change of registration, Company dissolution or liquidation, Company organization type planning (Close Company, Limited Partnership, etc.)

  • Labor

    Wages, pensions, wrongful dismissal, occupational accidents, non-compete clauses, infringement of business secrets, employee management rules and regulations, work rules, drafting and revising employment contracts, labor litigation representation, etc.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Copyright, patent and trademark infringement, trademark applications, trade secret disputes, IP rights authorization, confidentiality agreements, non-compete clauses, IP rights-related civil and criminal litigations.

  • Merger & Acquisition

    Consulting on domestic or international M&As, Drafting and reviewing transaction contracts, Financial and Legal Due Diligence.

  • Educational Training and Lectures

    We could provide customized corporate legal compliance courses in corporate governance, personal data protection law, labor law consultation, trade secrets, non-compete clauses, general legal knowledge courses, etc.

Administrative & Constitutional Litigation
  • Administrative and Tax

    Administrative appeals, administrative litigation, government procurement, public works and tax, etc.

  • Environmental Protection

    Disputes related to waste disposal control, air pollution control, noise control, water pollution control, etc.

  • Constitutional Litigation

    Filing complaints against constitutionality of laws and judgments, applying for constitutional interpretation, etc.

Civil & Criminal Litigation
  • Civil

    Contract performance disputes, tort, repayment of loans, bills, enforcement, payment orders, negotiation, mediation or reconciliation, etc.

  • Criminal

    Acting as a defender or an agent, interrogation accompaniment, present during a search and seizure process, etc.

  • Family

    Consultation on matrimonial laws, divorce and distribution of residual property, parental rights of children, wills and estate planning, estate division, declaration of guardian, protection orders, etc.

  • Construction and Interior Decoration

    Contract performance and other disputes over public works, construction, interior decoration, etc.

  • Real Estate and Condominium

    Review of house or land trading contracts, contract termination negotiation, land development, co-construction, urban renewal, adjacent relationship dispute, community dispute resolution, property misappropriation disputes, water leakage disputes, etc.

Legal Counsel
  • Based on the needs of our corporate or individual clients, we customize legal counsel solutions to provide the most appropriate and complete legal risk protection.

Document Translation

  • The professional English and German translation team led by our attorneys provides accurate legal document translation services.

    When translating contracts and legal documents, translation agencies or companies usually translate without understanding the relevant legal system, legal structure or legal effect, which may cause the use of words or convey semantics far from the original text. In particular, the inaccurate translation of legal documents may result in additional time and expense or even damage the client's legal rights and interests.

    Our Attorneys have rich experience in assisting clients in drafting and reviewing various English contracts, letters of intent, memorandums, etc., as well as translating the immigration and working documents for foreigners. Our managing partner Pohong Kuo has passed the German TestDaF exam, which is equivalent to C1 level, and has a master's degree in law from the University of Munich. With his familiarity with German laws and related terms, our German translation team can provide our clients with the most accurate translation of German contracts and legal documents.

    We also cooperate with professional Korean translators to provide Korean contract and legal document translation services. All translated documents will be reviewed by our legal team to ensure the quality and correctness of the translation.


Contracts, agreements, memoranda, letters of intent, orders and quotations, including:
  • - Purchase agreement, share purchase agreement, confidentiality agreement, joint venture agreement, shareholder agreement, lease agreement, business transfer agreement

    - Memorandum of Cooperation, Letter of Intent for Investment, Letter of Intent for Business Cooperation

    - Orders, quotations

Various legal documents
  • - Annual reports of listed companies, corporate social responsibility reports, major news announcements

    - Copyright documents, trademark documents

    - Company establishment documents, corporation by-laws, resolutions of shareholders' meetings, resolutions of board of directors

    - Announcement or certification documents of inheritance, bankruptcy, divorce, etc.

Litigation documents, judgments, ordinances
  • - Pleadings

    - Court decisions and announcements

    - Competent authority letters, interpretations, orders and regulations