Vision and Values

KAL Attorneys at Law was co-founded by Pohong Kuo and Muchen Lee in 2022. Our attorneys are committed to complex civil and commercial disputes, as well as administrative reliefs, constitutional litigations and other fields that are closely related to people's rights. We adhere to the core values of "professionalism," "execution," and "communication," listen carefully to the needs of customers, provide the most professional and practical legal services, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of our clients to the greatest extent.

Our team insisted that everyone's rights should be equally protected by law. Our lawyers put their best effort into each appointed case regardless of the client's capital or enterprise size. We are dedicated to upholding the most sincere communication attitude and providing comprehensive and reasonable solutions to pursue our client's best interests.


KAL Attorneys at Law is committed to providing a full scale of legal services. In addition to having extensive experience in handling cases in general civil, criminal and administrative litigation, KAL also specializes in various business matters, such as commercial litigation, labor disputes, company investment and contract review, legal compliance consulting, corporate mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property disputes, business secrets, etc. Our attorneys also have experience in judicial administration and have participated in practical operations of the Taiwan Constitutional Court, which can provide our clients with complete rights protection. Our attorneys also speak English and German, which can provide our clients with high-quality legal services in different professional fields.


Our attorneys have all served in large law firms and have rich litigation experience in handling high-profile cases. They can provide clients with investment legal services and assist in domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions. The firm also co-operates with a Certified Public Accountant to evaluate cases from a comprehensive perspective, integrating business, accounting, taxation, and business registration to provide our clients with effective and efficient Complete strategies and solutions.